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Phoenix emergency family planning and evacuation

Northern Arizona has some hidden treasures along the I-40 survival corridor including big game and water. If you don’t hike, ski, boat, camp, and explore the outdoors on a regular basis it won’t do you much good as a bug out location.  It’s a good idea to have some idea of what’s ahead when planning an outdoor adventure or survival retreat location.

It’s best not to have one plan but serval plans and ideas of what might be your best course of action during an emergency. Recon your plan on a regular basis small town economics and happenings can be easily monitored on the internet.

Get yourself out of the Doomsday way of thinking. Not every disaster or emergency is going to be large scale or a Doomsday event. Plan and practice for smaller emergencies and disasters. Phoenix is always going to have monsoons, flash floods, dust storms, power outages, high winds, lightning storms and road closures. Most of these smaller localized emergencies can be managed with a 72 hour bag.

For bigger disasters that may last longer than 30 days a shelter in place plan is needed. Be sure not to confuse this with a police shelter in place or biochemical shelter in place. FEMA recommends everyone have a 90 day supply of food and water in their home.

With this in mind it’s time to start your emergency family planning. Be sure to include maps for emergency escape routes and escape retreats, water filtration and purification for drinking. Food reserves such as freeze dried or MRE’s. Most importantly is an emergency fund, not in a bank but available on a moment’s notice. Be sure to include reserve medications and if your unable to store a reserve of important medications look for alternative medications such as natural remedies and holistic healing methods.